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Nurulz Artisan Scoop was founded by husband and wife, Rosdiadi Ramli and Nurul Hidayah Arshad in December of 2010 in Bukit Katil, Melaka.

How it started?

Rosdiadi was an engineer in a multinational company. After a couple of years, he had enough and didn't feel like doing it anymore and decided to go into business full time. Having 120% support from Nurul made him even more motivated. After a lot of research, readings and trial & error, he found that there is lack of muslim made product in everyday food production determined him to join in the food and beverage (F&B) sectors.


The idea to start an ice cream business was when it was hard to find finest locally made ice cream that matches up to the super-premium standard and after they experienced doubt when eating other international brand ice cream (flavours that includes liquer and gelatin made using the same machine as other flavours), they decided to make their own ice cream. After a lot of trial and error and later on, the ice cream was accepted by their family, friend and public through pasar malam, they decided to go BIG and opened up a scoop shop. Besides, Nurul has always dream of opening a homemade ice cream and candy shop since her childhood. It was the opportunity to make it REAL!!!


At the moment, Nurul's Homemade Ice Cream offers you and your loved ones a SUPER-PREMIUM , SUPER-CREAMY AND FINEST FRESHLY MADE ICE CREAM.

Whether you're treating yourself, or someone you love, Nurul's has more than 100 recipes and flavours to indulgence, with impossibly smooth ice cream made from real ingredients and loaded with cookies, candies and other sweet goodies.

***FREE TASTING*** for everyone.....

Monday, October 19, 2015



Walk-in dan penghantaran sekitar Melaka.
Luar Melaka: Shah Alam,Puchong,Bangi,Kajang,Putrajaya.
Caj penghantaran luar Melaka dikenakan.

Dengan pembelian 4 pint Nurulz Super Premium Aiskrim, anda layak mendapat penjimatan ini.
Harga sebelum adalah RM 88…
selepas penjimatan adalah RM 70 sahaja.


Rasailah kenikmatan Aiskrim Super Premium satu-satunya dari Nurulz Artisan Scoop.

Kegebuan,Kehalusan dan Kepekatan tekstur Aiskrim ini akan memberikan anda pengalaman yang tak dapat dilupakan.
Dah rasa sekali pasti termimpi-mimpi.

Ramai yang sudah menjadi peminat setia aiskrim ini..

Untuk Promosi ini pilihan aiskrim adalah seperti berikut.

1.Salted Caramel
2.Double Choc
3.Cookies n Cream
4.Green Tea
5.Mocha Almond Fudge
6.Vanilla Malt Chip
7.Black Cookie Mint
8.Choc Chunky Funky
9.Honeycomb Vanilla
10.Lemon Freeze Froyo
11.Passion Fruit Froyo
12.Cranberry Fusion Sorbet

< Nama >< Alamat Penghantaran>
< Perisa Pilihan - Bilangan >

ke 011-232 90960.

Tawaran ini hanya sah sehingga 30.11.2015.

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