Our Story


Nurulz Artisan Scoop was founded by husband and wife, Rosdiadi Ramli and Nurul Hidayah Arshad in December of 2010 in Bukit Katil, Melaka.

How it started?

Rosdiadi was an engineer in a multinational company. After a couple of years, he had enough and didn't feel like doing it anymore and decided to go into business full time. Having 120% support from Nurul made him even more motivated. After a lot of research, readings and trial & error, he found that there is lack of muslim made product in everyday food production determined him to join in the food and beverage (F&B) sectors.


The idea to start an ice cream business was when it was hard to find finest locally made ice cream that matches up to the super-premium standard and after they experienced doubt when eating other international brand ice cream (flavours that includes liquer and gelatin made using the same machine as other flavours), they decided to make their own ice cream. After a lot of trial and error and later on, the ice cream was accepted by their family, friend and public through pasar malam, they decided to go BIG and opened up a scoop shop. Besides, Nurul has always dream of opening a homemade ice cream and candy shop since her childhood. It was the opportunity to make it REAL!!!


At the moment, Nurul's Homemade Ice Cream offers you and your loved ones a SUPER-PREMIUM , SUPER-CREAMY AND FINEST FRESHLY MADE ICE CREAM.

Whether you're treating yourself, or someone you love, Nurul's has more than 100 recipes and flavours to indulgence, with impossibly smooth ice cream made from real ingredients and loaded with cookies, candies and other sweet goodies.

***FREE TASTING*** for everyone.....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Job Vacancy

Looking for a fun place to work?

Nurul's Homemade Ice Cream in Tesco Melaka is looking for young bright part-time or full time servers to join our team. Do you have a great smile and enjoy people? Do you lovehelping people? Ice cream or food service experience is a plus. Come in to fill out an application today at our scoop shop in Tesco Melaka or you can email to us at nurulshomemadeic@gmail.com for the form.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Variety of flavours @ Nurul's Homemade Ice Cream

We have variety of flavours to get your taste buds on.

Mint Oreo
Chunky funky chocolate
Caramel Candy
Double Chocolate
Marshmallow chocolate
Almond Bits Chocolate
Creamy Dreamy Orange
Banana Strawberry
Double Berries
Coconut Island
Marble Wonder
Cuppuccino Choc chip
Vanilla Chocolate Fudge
Vanilla Choc Chip
Nutty Fudge Chaos
Mocha Almond

*We made our own homemade chocolate fudge.

Upgraded Our Ice Cream---to SUPER PREMIUM ice cream

To all our dear fans and readers..

We would like to annouce that we have upgraded our ice cream to SUPER PREMIUM Ice Cream. I'm sure you are wondering what is the difference, right?

Ice cream have many different grades starting from seper-premium to low fat ice cream. Sources from The US Department of Agriculture Commercial Item Description A-A-20342 for Ice Cream, Sherbet, Fruit and Juice Bars, Ices and Novelties mentioned that:

  • Super Premium ice cream- Tends to have very low overrun and high fat content, and the manufacturer uses the best quality ingredients. (eg: BEN & jERRY'S, HAAGEN DAZ etc.)

  • Premium ice cream- Tends to have low overrun and higher fat content than standard ice cream and the manufacturer uses higher quality ingredients. (eg: Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream)

  • Standard Ice Cream- Meets the minimum requirements of the ice cream standard of identity in 21 CFR 135.110.

  • Economy ice cream- Meets the minimum requirements of the ice cream standard of identity in 21 CFR 135.110 and generally sells for a lower price than standard ice cream.

  • Fat Free- Food contains less than 0.5 g fat per reference amount customarily consumed specified in CFR 101.12

  • No sugar added- No sugar or sugar containing ingredient is added during processing or packaging.

  • Lite- If 50% or more of the calories are from fat , fat must be reduced by at least 50% per reference amount customarily consumed compared to an appropriate reference food.

  • Reduced fat - Foodcontains at least 25% less fat per reference amount customarily consumed than an appropriate reference food.

  • Low Fat- Food contains 3g or less of fat per reference amount customarily consumed.

* Overrun- The increase in product volume created when given volume of ice cream mix is aerated during processing.

Our ice cream now fall into the superpremium category. The texture is more dense and creamier as well as silky smooth. it is also known as REAL ice cream.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to make your own Ice Cream Clown

The other day, I browsed through the internet dan saya jumpa this one cute article. It tells you how to make this cute clown ice cream cone. It is a great idea for your kid's birthday dessert, barbeques or any gatherings.

The things u need before starting to make one:

  • Sugar ice cream cones
  • Ice cream
  • Whip cream
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • M&Ms, skittles or any small colored candy pieces
  • Cherries


  1. Scoop one scoop of any flavor ice cream into a bowl. This will be the clown's head.
  2. Set an ice cream cone on top of the scoop of ice cream creating the clown's hat. You can stick a cherry on top of the cone if you wish. Sugar ice cream cones work well for a pointy hat, but square bottomed wafer cones work well too. You can use colored cones to have colored hats.
  3. Squirt one puff of whip cream on each side of the ice cream to be the hair.
  4. Add a cherry in the center of the ice cream scoop for the clown's big red nose.
  5. Use M&Ms, skittles or any small colorful candy to add eyes and a mouth to your clown.
  6. Sprinkle rainbow sprinkles onto whip cream to make the hair colorful.
  7. Serve & enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Additional Items

Kami juga ada mengedarkan ice cream xtras seperti berikut. All these are additionals untuk setiap tempahan. Untuk price list boleh contact kami.

Ice Cream Spoons

Wafer Cones

Sugar Cones

Paper Cups

4oz Foam Cups

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nak tau Aiskrim cam ner???

Inilah aiskrim yang kami jual kepada anda semua.. yang gambar ni dalam cup n roti.. tapi skang banyak guna kon. kon nyer gambar will be uploaded later.

sekira nya anda berminat untuk memulakan perniagaan aiskrim..boleh hubungi kami.

Salam Perkenalan

Kami Adalah Pembuat dan Pembekal AISKRIM berpusat di MELAKA.
Membekal dan menjual aiskrim buatan 100% bumiputera
Menyediakan pelbagai jenis perasa aiskrim untuk anda nikmati cth: coklat, vanilla, coklat+vanilla, jagung...dll
Kami menyediakan produk yang tiada MSG, Pengawet ataupun Gelatin haiwan

Kami menerima tempahan untuk sebarang MAJLIS
-Upacara Perasmian,
-Upacara Rasmi @ Tidak Rasmi,
-Hari Keluarga,
-Hari Kantin...dll

Sila hubungi:
Pn. Hidayah = 012 9368081
En. Adi = 012 6329575